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The Beginnings and Current Status of Commercial Use

Commercial Use Begins

Kitanihon Press June 14, 2000

Kitanihon Press
June 14, 2000

Kitanihon Press June 21, 2000

Kitanihon Press
June 21, 2000

In December 1999, the private sector, prefectural universities, prefectural government and other bodies came together to form the Committee to Perform Research into the Uses of Toyama Bay Deep Seawater. This was the starting point for full-blown action into the commercialization of deep seawater in non-fishery fields such as pharmaceuticals, foods, and health promotion.

In March 2000, after two general sessions and three break-out sessions, the committee presented a preliminary report detailing the need to secure deep seawater for commercial purposes, the establishment of the Toyama Deep Sea Water brand name, and the support for the commercialization of deep seawater products.

In the meantime, during March of the same year, deliberations between Toyama Prefecture and the Fisheries Agency made possible the partial use of deep seawater pumped at the Prefectural Fisheries Research Institute in non-fishery fields. On June 13, 2000, a conference for businesses desiring to commercialize deep seawater (Toyama Council of Deep Sea Water) was held, and on June 20 dispensing of deep seawater to these companies began. The location for the dispensing of deep seawater was changed in April 2003 to its current location at the Namerikawa Deep seawater Distribution Center.

Additionally, in December 2001, pumping facilities were brought online near the Nyuzen fishing port. This pump brings up 2,400 m³ of water per day from a depth of 384 meters. Of this water, 720 m³ is being utilized in non-fishery fields.

Industrial, Academic and Government Cooperation and a Brand for Toyama

Toyama's Deep Sea Water Brand Mark

Toyama's Deep Sea Water Products

Toyama Prefecture, known as a “kingdom of water,” boasts four entries, the most in the country, in the Selected 100 Exquisite and Well-Conserved Waters list published by the Ministry of the Environment. Toyama is also known nationwide as a center for medicine. In order to compete with other regions in non-fishery fields, it is only natural that products utilizing the prefecture’s unique characteristics be developed. 

Additionally, in order to establish deep seawater as a new business, it is essential that the constituents and attributes of the water are scientifically analyzed, accurate data related to products is made available to consumers, and that a system be set up in which consumers can purchase the product in a reasonable manner. 

With these necessities in mind, makers have striven to explain simply their products to consumers and guarantee quality. As a part of this, they have commissioned universities and research institutes to objectively analyze the constituents, safety, and efficacy of deep seawater. 

As a result of these actions, industrial, academic, and government bodies came together to take a step forward in establishing a Toyama original brand. Now consumers can put themselves at ease, as there is now a single trademark symbol on Toyama Deep Sea Water products. As you read this sentence, bottled water, liqueurs, foods, cosmetics, bath goods, and all sorts of products with the Toyama brand trademark are being sold all over Japan!

Commercialization Today and PR Activities


Desalinated and Concentrated deep seawater used in cosmetics and mineral water.


A multistage ion exchange electrodialyzer used by a company to separate deep seawater into freshwater, concentrated saltwater, and desalinated mineral concentrated water for use as mineral water and other products.

Commercial use of deep seawater in Toyama Prefecture got off the ground in June 2000. As of March 2005, over 100 individuals and businesses have used deep seawater to make alcoholic beverages, shampoos, cosmetics, bath goods, mineral water, bread, udonnoodles and a wide range of other products. 

The Council of Deep Sea Water is also actively involved in PR activities such as cooperating with the prefectural government to open booths and sell products at gift shows, exhibitions, etc.

Experience Deep Seawater at Thalassopia

Thalassopia was the first place in the world to offer the experience of feeling the power of deep seawater first hand.


Overview of Thalassopia

Within the walls of Thalassopia are many facilities. First are the Dynamic Zone and Healing Zone. Here, you can experience deep seawater first hand. There is also an exhibit corner where the benefits of deep seawater and research being conducted at the Prefectural Fisheries Research Institute are displayed. Finally, research facilities to unlock the unknown potential of deep seawater are also part of the complex.

What is “Thalassotherapy”?

“Thalassotherapy” is a marine method of healing. Under the supervision of a trained medical staff, natural marine resources (seawater, seaweed, sea mud, etc.) are used to naturally restore a person to health. The history of seawater being used in medical treatment stretches back to before 60 BC.

Conventionally, seawater was used as a preventative more than as a cure for sickness. The origin of the word “Thalassotherapy” are the two Greek words thalassa, meaning “sea,” and therapeia, meaning “treatment.”


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